Why prison?

Over 2.3 million men, women, and teens are incarcerated in the United States, often feeling lost, hopeless, and forgotten. 76% of released or paroled state prisoners are rearrested within 5 years (Bureau of Justice Statistics). How can we help them discover a new vision of themselves, others, and God? What can we do to better prepare incarcerated men and women to be successful both inside and outside prison? Taking inspiration from Hebrews 13:3, we know we have a part to play.

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why arts?

Incarceration removes personal choice, so our workshops restore a world of creative choice-making: participants write the scripts, pen the words, create the dance moves, growing in confidence, empathy for others, and leadership throughout the artistic process. “Art allows you to think differently, so you behave differently, so that you can get different results. To me, that’s the definition of rehabilitation.” (Rehabilitation Through the Arts, Sing Sing participant)


Why faith?

We believe Christians should lead in innovative ways to restore men and women to a knowledge of who they have been created to be and of how deeply their Creator loves them. We have experienced deep and lasting transformation through Jesus and want to offer others an opportunity to discover this for themselves. We strive to provide and model a safe place for our participants to explore or grow in their faith, empowering them to continue that growth in themselves and in their faith communities within the prison, and/or outside.